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About Us

On February 24, 2020, Bill Giacalone passed away at age 97 leaving a lifetime of paintings and other artwork to his heirs. At about the same time, covid-19 safety rules and policies came into effect which prevented a proper memorial service, much to the disappointment of his family and many, many friends.

This website is a testament to his legacy and with it an opportunity to share his story and the genius of his work with the world.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy the images of his work and if there are any you find special will choose to make them your own!


Gino Larsen-Giacalone (son), Jonah Giacalone (son), Yren Berry (daughter), Adam Berry (grandson), Lauren Berry (granddaughter), Ben Giacalone (grandson), Esther Giacalone (granddaughter), Joy Larsen-Giacalone (granddaughter).